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But where do you start? We understand that when looking for a cruise, everyone's needs and priorities are as different as the destinations they sail to. That's why we've organized the links below to help make your decision easier. So what's it going to be? Incredible ships? Exhilarating activities? Amazing destinations? Convenient departure ports? No matter what it is, one thing is for sure: a cruise can be the vacation adventure of a lifetime. It's the unique, smart, and adventurous way to explore the world. But the only way to experience everything a cruise offers is to start your virtual cruise now!

When you're choosing a cruise vacation, your very first question is probably: "Where do I want to go?" And we certainly give you a lot to think about, from Alaska to Venice and everywhere in between. Cruise lines offers cruises all over the world - from the white-sand beaches of the Caribbean, to the rugged wilderness of Alaska, to the refined elegance of Europe. No matter what incredible destination you choose, get ready to be amazed. Explore All Their Destinations

Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Galveston? Maybe you're choosing your cruise based on our departure ports. Perhaps one is close to home, or a city you've always wanted to visit. It's time to explore the many ports you might visit. Find a Port You Want To Visit.
Use our "search more options" link to select a port of departure.

Why should getting there be only half the fun? Get ready to explore some of the most innovative ships ever built, with features like rock-climbing walls, self-leveling pool tables, ice-skating rinks, the bustling Centrums or Promenades lined with shops and cafés, and much more. When cruise lines designed their new cruise ships, they did more than just think outside the box. The result - our ships are bigger, brighter and offer more exciting activities, more balconies, and more open spaces than ever before. With so much to do onboard, you might actually forget to get off when we're in port, but don't worry, they will remind you. Learn More About The Ships.

So what's it going to be today? Scaling the rock wall onboard, dogsledding across a glacier in Alaska, maybe hand-feeding stingrays in the Caribbean or sampling a new vintage of wine. The great thing about a cruise is that no two days are ever alike. It's a new adventure every day. But one thing's for sure: with all the exciting onboard and shoreside activities they offer, "bored" is not part of the vocabulary. Check Out The Activities!