Cancellation Policies




Online Cruise Service only offers the Cruise Line Insurance program. Unlike most other sites, we do not offer third party travel insurance who's coverage varies widely, and most of the time more expensive.  Most cruise line Vacation Protection Plans are fully refundable if you cancel you cruise within the time allowed, normally 70 days before your cruise date.   Also, some cruise line plans offer you a 75% future cruise credit for cancellations that are not covered under the plan.  This feature will cost you a lot of money with third party plans. With it does not matter if you book online or call in your reservation, you will receive the cruise line insurance if you elect to purchase travel insurance.  You ask yourself, why  most sites don't offer cruiseline insurance online.  Cruiseline insurance only has a 10% commission rate.  Third party insurance companies, like AIG, offers 50%.  Enough said!